Scope of our activities

Currently, our products in addition to the domestic market are exported to countries such as Russia, Algeria, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and etc.


The machinery of this group is of the best machinery of countries Austria, China and India

our customers

our main productions are in the field of agricultural products, such as wheat, flour, bran, rice, pistachio, beans, sugar, salt, as well as chemical products, textile Industry, cement and etc

Raw materials

Raw materials of this group are supplied of domestic petrochemicals having the best technologies in the world

Such as: Petrochemical Rejal, Navid Zar, Maroun, Amir Kabir and etc.  
About Us:

Isfahan Sack Weaving Group is one of the pioneers in manufacturing polypropylene (PP) Bag in Iran. The first phase of this Industrial Group was inaugurated in 1376; and then by establishing development plans in consecutive years, company's production capacity was increased; we are proud that the annual production of the company is now over 18,000 tons.



Isfahan Sack Weaving Group by employing experienced engineers and upgrading machinery in terms of software and hardware is continuously updating its information and technology to improve product quality and maximize customer satisfaction to play an important role in the packaging industry in Iran and the region.

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